Leopard or Spotnose?

Hey guys, hopefully y’all can help me out with this. I just picked up this boy, he was listed as a Pastel Lesser Clown and either Leopard or Spotnose. I kept trying to ask the breeder about his pairing information, but he never got back to me about it, so I don’t know if there could be anything extra in him that would make him so light colored. Anyway, do you guys see Leopard or Spotnose? I want to say Spotnose because of the weird headstamp, but I’m not sure. Any help is appreciated!


I would say it is leopard over spotnose. This a pastel lesser spotnose clown and a lesser spotnose clown i just recently hatched.


All the pastel lesser leopard clowns I have seen are a lot darker. I would say it has both leopard and spotnose. Another thing that makes me think both is that leopard clowns always have a solid stripe down the back. Not patterns on the sides.


Very nice snakes! I wouldn’t be too upset if he turned out to be Leopard instead of Spotnose, but I still hope that he is lol. When I looked at both Pastel Lesser Leopard and Pastel Lesser Spotnose Clowns on Morphmarket, I feel like he looked more like a Spotnose than Leopard since Leopards have more spots and don’t usually have as clean of a pattern. But there were examples that looked similar to him in both, so who knows lol. Guess I will know for sure when I get him to start breeding in the future.

These are two pastel leopard lesser clowns. One with more pattern and one without. Neither are as light or clean with a spotnose-like headstamp. Both also have that solid dark stripe I mentioned too.


I kinda thought that he could be both too, but I don’t want to get my hopes up lol those are really expensive snakes, plus the pattern doesn’t seem to look quite the same as other Leopard Spotnose Clowns that I see on Morphmarket. I wish I knew what the pairing was, it would make this a bit easier. I wanted to say that he might be Super Pastel because of how light he is, but he doesn’t have the super blushed out head that Super Pastels usually have either.

I cant be the only one seeing a pug in that headstamp…


Really though, whether it be Spotnose or Leopard, that is one stunning snake.


I think I see what you mean, it does kinda look like a pug lol. I am honestly surprised that I managed to grab him before someone else did, I can’t wait to see how he looks once he gets more size on him.

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I don’t see a pug, but I do see the shadow monster from stranger things


Woah I didn’t realize the resemblances! This is why ball pythons win me over just because of the endless patterns.


It really is amazing, it’s one of the reasons that I love ball pythons too. It can be a bit annoying sometimes though, like in this case where I can’t figure out if it’s one gene or another.

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Finally got the pairing info! It was a Pastel Clown to a Lesser Silver Streak het Clown, but the breeder thinks that there might be something else going on with one of the parents because he got a few babies with the same weird Spotnose or Leopard look to them. He might just be a weird Pastel Lesser Black Pastel Clown? Maybe Super Pastel?

I would be a bit angry at the breeder for selling it as something that they aren’t sure about. They should have just listed the pairing in the ad and not thrown in genes they just think might be there.


They never actually said that the animal had Leopard or Spotnose, the exact words they used were Pastel Lesser Clown PLUS (Leopard? Spotnose?), which made me think that the animal had at least one parent with the gene(s). The person I bought the snake from didn’t actually produce him (which I didn’t know until after I got him) so I had to wait until the person who sold me the snake to get in touch with the actual breeder to find out what the pairing was. It is a bit disappointing, but I can still work with him since he is only my second visual Clown, my other one is a female Enchi Clown. I will probably breed them together once they get big enough and see what I get from it.