Leopard Pumpkin Pied & Pastel Pumpkin Pieds

Here we have a few badboys that hatch out over the last few weeks.

I’m pretty impressed with all of them I must say. The Pastel Pumpkin Pieds have no OD in them, just in case you wonder. Just line-breeding for a number of years will do that trick for you.
The Leopard Pumpkin Pie

ds are a first here, and I’m glad they could be id’ed right in the egg. I was a bit iffy about it, but seeing them hatch there really wasn’t any reason to be… :v::wink::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Martin how are you able to determine that they have leopard in them? Just curious!

I’m trying my best working on this at the minute so anything here will be a help @martin_ender

At the moment all i know is it produce high yellows and a softer ‘melted’ pattern.

The by far easiest way is seeing them side by side in a clutch!!! Also: if you know your way around Pumpkin Pieds helps hugely, but… the entire clutch in one picture was, was mad it almost too easy.


That little doughnut is beautiful.


@martin_ender what is that super light one in the middle?

She’s a Leopard Ivory het. Pied!

I was hoping for a Leopard Ivory Pied,…but these things are tough to make. :roll_eyes::wink:


She is gorgeous! I assume she’s a hold back for you?

I assume so!!! Here in Europe it’s currently pointless to offer animals like this to the market. :crazy_face::wink:

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You do have AMAZING animlas and your market just isnt good enough for em yet…Leo Ivories are one of my favorites and you do have an amzing collection

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I’m even questioning if Leo is better than OD with my pumkin pied project…or maybe its just another thing to add…thanks for SHARING

Now…here’s the first (and most likely only one) for 2020. He’s a boy…


Fully agreed!!! Our market here in Europe is downright: rubbish. Hence: I’m hoarding these animals. :v: :crazy_face:

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You never fail to produce amazing animals. The orange in that is crazy


Awesome colors on that boy! I can’t wait to pop out a leo OD pumpkin pied!

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Can I just say how beautiful these babies are!!:heart_eyes::heart_eyes: