Leo's face swollen?

I came home today from work to find my boa has done something stupid to himself. I’m assuming it was rubbing on the glass. I took a look around it it seems like his probe has fallen off of its mounting spot again :woman_facepalming:so I’m assuming it got too hot and he tried to get out while i was at work and did this number to his face.

His whole snout is swollen, and there’s a spot on his lip that is really swollen. I can’t get that stupid probe to stay in one spot for the life of me so that needs to be addressed. Ive been taping it in place with electrical tape. I haven’t been able to get my hand on any wire to try to secure it with, but that’s an option. If you use wire to secure your probes, I’d love to know what kind. All i can think of is pipe cleaners and that doesn’t seem very hygenic in a tropical enclosure nor does it seem robust or even safe. If there’s any better commonly found option I’d love to hear it. Also just to triple check, whereabouts you keep the probe, does it have to be directly under the heat panel, nearer to the top, nearer to the floor, etc. @lumpy has given me great advice on this before with pictures and everything, but I’d love some other opinions too since I’m still struggling to find the best way to do it for me.

At this point, is there really anything i can do for him? Any way i can make him more comfortable? It sucks that they don’t just hold still when you need them too. :sweat_smile: i just want to ice it sooo bad but fat chance of that ever happening. I was thinking maybe a cool soak? Not cold cold of course, i don’t want to give him hypothermia, but I’m curious if i could get it just cold enough to do something good to his face without hurting him if he were to lay in it for like 20 mins. There isn’t any abrasion on his face, so painkiller free neosporin won’t do much…

What do you think? What can i do? Do you think i should try the cool bath just to see if that does anything to reduce the swelling? If so how cold?
It just came up today so i can’t say i think it’s time for a vet visit just yet. If it doesn’t go away over the weekend then that’s different. But if there’s anything i can do to help reduce the swelling now, that would be awesome.

Pics of course:

His face prior to today:


Okay so not to brag but i just had a super big brain moment.
You know those metal straws? Turns out the probe to the cheap amazon digital thermostats fits perfectly in there…

Check it out:

Bam. Solutions.
I feel so smuckin fart. :joy:

Hopefully that will take care of the probe problem!
Now let’s see if there’s any advice for the face…


It is breeding season now, so he may just be trying to get out of his cage. Don’t give him a cool bath, not a good idea. May give him a respiratory problem. When boas are stressed out, it will cause RI problem. The swelling should go down after he stops trying to get out of his cage. You can put an antibiotic ointment on his nose. Don’t use the stuff with pain relief in it as it’s not safe to use on reptiles.


Indeed you are, that metal straw thing is a stroke of genius! I secured my probe with some stainless steel wire (the kind they sell for making jewelry; I also use it to make hanging chew toys for my chinchilla). I just hot-glued the wire in place, then wrapped the wire around the probe to hold it where I needed it. But if that ever stops working for me, I’m totally stealing your metal straw idea!

Sorry your gorgeous boy hurt himself. I don’t have any advice to make him feel better in the short term, but the injury should heal on its own, provided he doesn’t keep nose-rubbing and re-injuring himself.


His face is doing better. No more rubbing since the probe has been fixed. And he ate despite his face being swollen. Its still a little bit swollen, just a touch, but it looks a lot better now!


I am happy to see that his face is doing better! I was praying for a speedy recovery for him.


He looks so much better! So glad he’s healing well. He really is beautiful.


Yay! Leo is starting to look like himself again! He is certainly a very handsome boy! :heart_eyes: