Let’s See Some ID!

Anyone want to take a stab helping us ID?!
It’s our first year breeding and while we feel pretty confident, we want opinions too!

Pairing was a Pastel Fire Vanilla Yellowbelly to a Cinnamon Leopard Mahogany

Can add more head and belly pics tonight!


I can’t help with id but number 8 is crazy looking! Your whole clutch looks great! And welcome to the community. I hope to see you around more


Well I can’t help you either but others will come along and you will probably have to post better pictures of each one but I am with @logar on the number 8 baby! It does look insane and hopefully a holdback maybe?

Also number 4’s coloring looks soooo rich! It reminds me of a heath bar. (Candy Bar). Chocolate and toffee!

Great looking little babies all around! :snake::blush:


I hate to be this person, because I can try based on these photos, but best thing to do is wait until they’ve had their first shed and then we can help ID. I can give you kind of a “best guess” type overview but can’t say anything with certainty until after that first shed, their color can change a ton and that shiny skin makes it harder to ID.

Also, just a clarification - is the sire a pastel fire + vanilla yellowbelly, or a pastel fire OR vanilla yb? I’m not certain I’m seeing fire or vanilla in every one of these, and if the animal is fire + vanilla (vanilla cream) you’d have everything guaranteed either fire or vanilla. But again, colors can change a lot after shed.

Congratulations! Nice big clutch. I’d love to help you ID, just definitely need those after shed pics, haha.


Nice odds, everyone really Beauty, but my favourite is absolutly n° 4 :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Thanks so much!! Hope to see you around more as well! #8 will be the fun one, totally stoked we had a good mix of light and dark given the genes involved.


Thanks so much!! We haven’t sexed yet (we planned for 2 female holdbacks this year) but if #8’s a female, it’s going to be hard to let go for sure! #4 is also a contender, it has a full dorsal stripe which is what we want in our collection but the genes seem really similar to the sires so we might have to let it go so we can invite in some more diversity.


Thanks so much!! Can totally be that person, we were a little too excited given our first clutch :joy:.

The sire is the mahogany cinnamon leopard! Dame we bought as a pastel vanilla cream yellowbelly!

We were honestly shocked with the 9 egg clutch given it’s her first breeding season too, but we won’t complain :joy:.

But here are post shed pics! Numbers line up with the original clutch photo (#2 and #7 haven’t shed so they aren’t included yet but they are probably going to be the easiest to identify once shed ha)


Thank you so much!! Hah truly a light vs dark clutch without having axanthic involved. #4 is def a looker though :heart_eyes:


I’d like to order a #4 and a #8 please! I’m a sucker for dark morphs! They’re all gorgeous!

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@gina5678 I’m with you on the dark morphs! :+1:

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They’re all gorgeous! Congratulations on the big clutch!

Okay, based on these pictures, here are my tentative IDs for you. I’m not super great at IDing mahogany yet, but I’ll give it my best go:

  1. Cinnamon leopard fire/vanilla
  2. Pastel fire/vanilla yellowbelly, possible mahogany (but I lean toward no)
  3. Cinnamon leopard mahogany fire/vanilla
  4. Fire/vanilla mahogany possible yellowbelly
  5. Leopard fire/vanilla possible yellowbelly poss mahogany
  6. Cinnamon pastel fire/vanilla probable leopard
  7. Pastel fire/vanilla yellowbelly probable mahogany

Also, I think it might be worth testing your male for het pied. Some of these babies are quite a bit more stripey than I’d expect, and sometimes leopard carries het pied.