Let’s talk about genetics

  1. What makes pied retic high white or low white, does the motley gene and/or the platinum gene help create higher white babies?

  2. Explanation of the albinos. Why is there white albino and purple albino and then when they breed together they create lavender albinos?

  3. Lethal genes and combos, please include examples

  4. Morphs that causes extra defensiveness or perceived aggression

  5. Super forms that are viable, please provide examples

  6. Dwarf locality morphs/morphs that came from dwarf or super dwarf retics.

  7. Motley vs Tiger, What’s the difference in (Color, contrast, pattern)

  8. Anthrax gene explanation of possible deformities.

  9. What does the velvet gene do, and is it recessive or codominant?

  10. Do you really think that the Cow combo is really that fantastic?

Q. Why is there white albino and purple albino and then when they breed together they create lavender albinos?

My answer; To my knowledge the purple and lavender are of the same gene set and the white phase is a completely different gene.

Q. What does the velvet gene do, and is it recessive or codominant?

My answer; Velvet is both codom and recessive. The velvet is a combination of the genetic stripe gene (simple recessive) and the tiger gene (codominant). I have never tried to produce one but have heard it is difficult to get the two genes to come together.


Right about the velvet, and totally right about the genes not liking to appear in the same snake, way less then the odds anyway.
The albino you are talking about is Clark strain albino it has 3 types: purple produced from a purple x purple, white produced from a white to white, and lavender produced from a purple x white. A lavender can produce purple, white and more lavender depending on the breeding. Example lavender x purple can produce purple and lavender but not white. It is kind confusing, but search Clark strain albino for further research if needed. Also other genes work on the same allele of the albino gene like mocha and indo caramel producing mochino and orange glows.
As for dwarf type genetics golden child, genetic stripe, phantom, and orange ghost all came from dwarf genes selayer or other and tend to be smaller, depends on outcrossing with mainland morphs, feeding and sex of course. As for super dwarf only anery is from super dwarfs such as kalotao no other genes came from sds to my knowledge. Hope this helps and doesn’t confuse you more!

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thanks for the wisdom, I just like to talk genes beacuse it is not always easy to have an answer

1: The pied influence is random. Like in ball pythons. Motley can help produce higher white pieds, but platinum to my knowledge doesn’t.

2: Explained correctly by @nwluttrell.

3: As to lethal combos, I’m unaware on that topic. But if jaguar with the wobble problem is similar to spider in ball pythons, possibly jaguar X jaguar could be lethal?

4: Pieds and platinum can have a more “on edge” personality. Tigers seem to be more docile than others, possibly due to the fact it was the first morph produced in captivity. So it’s been captive bred longer which would make them more familiar to captive lifestyle.

5: Many are viable, but come with birth defects like tiger, motley and gc in the super forms.

6: @banereptiles is correct, with the exception of Anery. Anery was first produced from a Jampea, making it a dwarf local morph.
And to my knowledge, Reach out Reptiles produced an anery from a pure Karompa line and a platinum from a Kalatoa line this year, and a new line motley from the previous year being from a Kalatoa pairing that didn’t have motley present.

7: Motley and Tiger can both be pattern reducers. Motley alone has a cleaner look, tiger can influence the colors of green into other morphs. Motley can also add more green but usually with platinum added in as well. Both can show dorsal stripe patterns, motley being more pronounced.

8: No idea

9: Again @nwluttrell is correct. They are very difficult to produce together in a single animal. Velvet isn’t a morph it’s a combination of the 2, genetic stripe and tiger.

10: I don’t particularly care for them, but I can’t deny they do look cool.

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