Let's play spot the Ball Python!

Did you see him? Because he saw you!

I love substrate-changing day. I get to redesign the enclosures, and the snakes get to explore their redesigned homes. Trying a new substrate blend, 50% Jungle Mix and 50% ReptiBark. Neither would be great on their own, but I like the mix of the two. It seems very natural.


Also the enclosure looks really good. The substrate looks really natural and will probably be good at holding humidity!


Thanks! I try to keep humidity around 60%, but with the cypress mulch I was using, I needed to spray the enclosure every day or two to keep it there. Hopefully the new substrate does a better job.


I spotted your BP but I couldn’t find the enclosure………:thinking: lol!

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Oops! Forgot to say the setup looks great and I really like the substrate mix. I need to try that…… :heart::+1::blush::snake:

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