Lets see your Tattoos of your Reptiles!

Soo this here is my (un-finished) Tattoo of my first snake : a Spider Ball python. When I was going to get it done it was harder than ecpected to find examples online so luckily I had a great artist. I wanted it as realistic as possible and he has totally met those expectations!

Now I want to see your tattoos of your reptiles! Side by side preferred!


Your artist did an amazing job! It looks great!


that looks absolutely awesome! i love the way that the tattoo even has white sides like a real spider ball python.

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That looks amazing! Cant wait to get my first boy tattooed!


I apparently don’t have a recent pic of my reptile tattoo on my computer. This was right after the first part was done and the bandage gave me a nasty rash. It’s since been colored in. Not one of my personal snakes, I couldn’t decide which one to use. Finally decided to go with a Bush Viper instead, they are one of my very favorite hots and this is as close as I’ll ever get to actually owning one, likely. This was a coverup over a very faded old tat.


You need to add motion lines near the head on your spider bp tattoo to show the head wobble :rofl::joy:


Many spiders don’t have a noticeable head wobble so long as they are actually kept correctly and without stress.

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It’s a Joke @ashleyraeanne lol


Thank you so much! I am so excited to finish, we will be adding some white siding, scales and shadows. Hopefully only 2 more sessions!

Oh yeah! He will be filling it in with white as well as adding each individual scale!:disappointed_relieved::joy:

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What kind of snake!?

I don’t have any tattoos yet, but I would love to get a colorful snake tattoo someday. Show me your reptile tattoos!

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I wanna get a yin-yang in red/blue with my dog or a wolf in blue (the cold loving mammal side) and probably my dream Uromastyx on the red side (the hot loving reptilian side). It was planned to be my 2nd tattoo. (I dont have any tats yet but I want my 1st one to be all Dog/Wolf themed. Meant to get it 10 yrs or so ago for my champagne year b-day but it kept getting put off).