Let's take a look (ID help)

It’s that time of year~
Hatchlings, hatchlings and ID requests!
First off… Thanks to anyone taking a look!

These two have me scratching my head a bit.
Dad is a lovely F1 I picked up years ago as a ‘high gold’. I wanted to keep one of his offspring as a family line since he’s my first BP ever.
Mom is a killer queen bee.

I know what I’m looking at is definitely:
1- lesser pastel
2- lesser pastel spider
But I’m wondering if there’s a possible fire or vanilla hint based on how dad is also not quite ‘normal’ and these seem pretty light.
Pure white belly. Lovely blush. Small eyes.

Very pale and ghostly.

Whole clutch for tax and in case someone sees something else I don’t:

And dad:


The dad does look bright, nice light brown head, and he has kept his bright colors, a lot of high gold normals do not. I don’t see anything that says fire complex definitely though, hard to say? The first pastel lesser, and the bright spider really do seem so much brighter then just pastel. The head alone on the lesser is so washed out it almost looks pastel, vanilla or super pastel at the least? The overall color is so white with the spider, it seems to have something else brightening it up as well. Now you got me wondering? Let’s see if anyone else can see some fire/other gene in the dad. Very cool looking clutch, my favorite is that bright lesser!


Thank you!
And dad is definitely not young so he’s not going to darken up or anything. So his color really did stay nice. The only other comparison I have is I’ve seen a volta his color before. And he’s always been a big boy at 2600gr. But I have no way of really knowing for sure since he was given to me as a farm hatched baby.

He’s 22 in that photo, 23 now.


Another thing about the dad is of course no alien heads, a lot of dorsal blushing. He actually looks pretty similar to some goldblush snakes I have, except no yellow booger spots(which they all don’t have) Also goldblush is subtle but does crazy things both in color and pattern to blue eyed complex! At 23 he really does look good, he has to have a lightening effect of some kind, whether poly, or co-dom. Gold blush are co-dom with no visual super so maybe something subtle, but along the same lines. Here are a couple of my goldblush and my breeder Mojave, goldblush(ovulating pic) so you can see just how bright and different the pattern looks! Heck if you are going to keep a female out of the clutch, either that lesser or spider, you could see if there is a super form down the road!



Yeah, his markings are wonderful, so even if not co-dom, trying to work on a bit of a polygenetic trait over time would be neat.

They’re actually both female, so maybe…
I also have Coral Glow Special Fire I can consider as an additional test when she’s up to size next year depending on how it goes.

It would be wild if it was something subtle co-dom like a new line of goldblush. Or even just a ‘fresh’ line of something subtle in the fire complex.

I have one gal that is supposedly carrying sable. Another one of those subtle ones, so that’s gonna be a disaster for me to ID when she finally goes for me…
Goldblush is definitely one of the ones I was eyeing for a bit though! Especially in a mojave. Your girl is lovely!


Thanks! Was thinking something along those lines since both of your brite babies have lesser and those subtle genes seem to react so good with that complex! The fire would be a good idea too! Didn’t think of that! To me, I like to work with the subtle stuff just to add a little uniqueness to the morphs. I feel it separates them from the tons of bp morphs!:joy:
Good luck working that project! Keep us updated on it!


I think I’m starting to lean towards the possibility of it being something like vanilla.
The more I look at that white and grey looking pastel lesser spider compared to the bumblebee hatchling or even mom’s baby photo.

So it would be interesting to see regardless!

Next I have another headscratcher hatching out where there’s the possibility of a dual sire from retained sperm. Won’t know until they’re totally out of the egg though. @_@;
This year ended up being more confusing than trying to id the first two years of all white snakes.


-I think you must just love a challenge!:joy: