Letting them out

Just outside taking pictures


Awesome looking snakes :heart_eyes:


Wow, they look great!


Man those colors look amazing! :open_mouth:

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Wow! Maybe I never payed enough attention but do some bananas have eyes that striking of a blue?

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That blue eye is amazing!

I have a pastel banana clown, and it is not blue not that. Little bit of coloration, but what they have is bright and beautiful


I cannot explain it, he keeps changing colors but the eyes stay blue!

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Bro I’d be so paranoid that a bird would just swoop down or something.

I don’t know if all bananas have blue eyes. My boy has slightly blue eyes, but get him in the sun and they glow like the one above.

There is something different going on in there though… How to tell if your Blue Eyed Leucistic is also Banana

My banana yellowbelly male, Banan, has really dark red eyes. I don’t think I have a pic that would show it well, but I could always try getting one to show lol

Got some pictures of Banan and his only offspring. Had to use flash to get the color, but Banan has more red while his son Kichi has more black pigment in his eyes.

I cannot explain it but here is the history…

Dad is a Banana Yellowbelly het Ghost / Pied
Mom is Normal het Pied

I bought the dad from constriction addiction and emailed him, he said he had something funky going on in his pied collection and it appears I may have got ahold of it.

Only breeding will tell

This guy is a Banana Yellowbelly Butter Ghost pos het Pied. This was exactly what I was shooting for. I’m basically replacing my CaramelGlow collection with these.


So the eyes, it’s very cool. I looked back and they have changed since birth. From a darker blue to a light blue…


Wow that is amazing!