Level Up with Buyer History [Stars]

We are excited to announce a new feature called Buyer History. This allows users the opportunity to “level up” over time as they use the site and make purchases.

Our site has a lot of data about buyers; however, we have chosen not to give this information directly to sellers in raw form due for privacy reasons. Instead, we’ve combined a number of factors into an algorithm that will give recognition to buyers with history.

Buyer history can be seen along with other user information on the User Profile, within the Messages system, and in the footer of Inquiry emails.

Each level is represented by a different colored star: (1) :white_heart: (2) :yellow_heart: (3) :orange_heart: (4) :heart: (5) :purple_heart:

Ps. I know it says they are stars but emojis are limited so hearts for the post :joy:

Some clarifications:

  • The level is NOT based on ratings from sellers; however, it IS positively impacted through confirmed purchases from breeders through our inquiry system.
  • Right now there are only 5 levels. Because there are only a few levels, it is not “easy” to get to level 4 or 5. There are no “bad” levels, but all users can achieve Level 2 in time. We may expand the levels in the future.
  • Generally levels will stay at the same value or go up. They will rarely go down.
  • An easy thing you can do to help your level is to make sure you’ve filled out the required fields on your User Profile such as your name. These are “free points” like writing your name on the test. Although, soon this will be required for all users in order to send inquiries, and thus not have an impact on levels.

While Buyer Ratings might have accomplished the same thing, to date sellers have not consistently left ratings for buyers – but we believe they should still get credit for this activity.

We love ALL our buyers, especially those who are brand new. And most sellers will work with and entertain inquiries from all as well users. However, sometimes sellers may give extra consideration based on history, such when selling a very expensive animal. That’s fair, because buyers also take many factors into consideration, such as a seller’s ratings, badges, and so forth.


I was wondering why I had a star! Was reading this about an hour ago :blush:
This is brilliant :star_struck:

I feel like my weakness for wanting to earn ALL of the stars for everything is being exploited here. :joy:


I want them all too! That means I am going to have to get more snakes lol :joy:.


Hahaha I agree! I’m level 2 so I need that level 5… :joy:


I am a level two also :joy:

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Apparently I’m already at level 4


Absolutely love this idea!

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So jealous!


Dammit…. :sweat_smile:

where do I see my stars? do you get any stars if you have only bought one animal on MM?

You would have to look at the public view of your MorphMarket profile. It should look like this :arrow_down:


Ok thank you

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Let us know what you find out!

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oooh, somehow I’m level 3 already. But it does make me want to buy more snakes to make it go up :joy:


I was trying to figure it out but I don’t know how to view my public thingy. Do I have to be a seller? I’m bad at tech stuff. Also if this info was In the original post sorry, I tried to process it all but I’m dyslexic

I’ll post a quick tutorial how to do it

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Thank you! sorry to be a pain in the butt.

There’s no issue to it at all, always happy to help.

This process will take you to the public view of your profile.


Oh I see! Thanks again! somehow I have two stars!