Licorice Rat Snake care

1st time here, I’m needing advice on heating, temps/humidity, and housing for a licorice rat snake I plan to get. Google info is controversial as always, read to use wooden viv or a tank, read to use a UTH then only to use a day/night lamp :woman_facepalming::woman_shrugging:

Hi there.
So, I’m sure you have googled and seen different opinions on all of this… The best piece of advice I can give you is to start with the basics, and listen to your snake! There are very general rules for housing a rat snake when it comes to size, housing size, temps, humidity, substrate, and so forth. Do the basics of monitoring your Temps, and provide a hot and cool side with hides on both ends (temps ranging from hot spot 80-85F to 70f coolside) Humidity 40-60% (Higher when shedding), appropriate bedding, and feeding appropriate sized meals (no bigger than the widest part of their body)… Do some research on here. There is TONS of information, but rat snakes are generally pretty easy to house and please. But listen to your snake. If you notice it CONSTANTLY on the cool side of the tank in the hide… chances are, temps are too high. Common sense. People have different opinions on housing (i.e. tub size, tank size, rack system, bioactive vivarium…) That will be up to you. Keep in mind if you use a glass tank with a screen lid, temps and humidity will be different to manage than in an enclosed wooden tank. Just pay attention and monitor it closely. I personally believe in providing space and enrichment. So all of my critters are in bioactive vivariums with room to move. That is a personal preference and will be ultimately up to you. Good luck with your future snake and don’t hesitate to get on here and ask for advise!

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Great, thank you! :blush: