Light phase Ghost California Kingsnake

Light phase Ghost is the combo morph of Palomar Ghost (single recessive gene) and Banana/High White (line bred). The first two were hatched in 2010, and I got one of them. In 2013 I was the only one producing them, and that lasted until 2015 or 2016 when someone else who bought some hets in 2013 started producing them. In 2016 I finally hatched my first female ones and kept 1 of them. This year I bred that female to her dad, one of the original 2010 males. She laid 1 egg at a time over a 2 week period, all throughout her drawer. Normally in this situation I wouldve just tossed every egg, but they all came out looking good, and I candled them and faced them the right way (everyone of them was facing the wrong way). And the end result was 5 hatched. Here are 2 of the babies




They are incredible !!!