Lil cut or scrape on bp mouth

A small scrape or something that I haven’t noticed until now. No idea how long it’s been there but he’s never eaten live feeders and he hasn’t even eaten in a few months. He hasn’t lost weight and he doesn’t act any differently so I figured it was just a normal ball python “strike”

Touching it doesn’t seem to hurt as I had to rub it slightly to be sure it wasn’t dirt or something.

Any idea if this is something worse than It looks, or if it’s related to him not wanting to eat?

sort of an addon to him not eating: would he be able to pick up on the female I have and would that put him through a “strike”?

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Its possible that it has disrupted his eating… if it goes deeper in the mouth tissue and is causing soreness… although it is small. Have you tried looking in his mouth? Also is there any swelling associated with it?


as far as what I can see there’s a little bit of redness maybe It’s hard to tell, but I can’t see any swelling. I’ll try and get a good look at his mouth

Yes have a good look, might shine some light.
Is there anything sharp in the enclosure that could cut?

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I thought maybe he could of nicked it when he was shedding on a piece of the reptibark which I guess is another question, is reptibark okay substrate? I’ve looked it up in the past and saw it was alright, but now that I’m looking it’s a lot more of a mixed opinion

I would say your fine to use reptibark and other wood substrates (no pine or cedar obviously).

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