Lil lucky number 3 out of 10

So as many of you know Harold hasn’t been great breeding. Out of 5 clutches we have 3 babies (1 put of 4 made it last night)
We’ve had a severaly deformed one with it’s brain out, And others die in the eggs, whilst coming out or days later. The 2 very tiny ones last night were so small they were practically see through. And also one was a male and one was a female (you could see their bits as were out) never seen that happen before either!

This little one is the only survivor out of 4 babies who hatched last night. It’s very upsetting but you don’t see it happen with Crested Geckos so I feel I did the right thing documenting it on here so if anything similar happened then they know they’re not the only ones! This is the worst thing to happen with us with Cresties. And we’ve put it down to something wrong with Harold as with other males the females never had problems.

But here’s the lucky baby who has made it through the night! Again spent time rubbing to make sure it was breathing right, but I’m happy it seems to be doing well! This is Lilos baby.

This is the other ones from him. This is Lilos other one that lived… born 16/06/21 so doing great!

And here’s the only one from Hetty. Born 05/08/21. Doing fab also!


I hope the little one beats the odds and makes it through. :black_heart: :green_heart:


Wow it is so cool to see a date written like this! The differences around the world are so fascinating :face_with_monocle:.

In the states we write it 6/16/21


I hope all 3 do well :crossed_fingers: as not so nice as it is, it’s great to see things like this so others can help people to understand the possible risk of breeding reptiles.

Dates are so confusing sometimes :sweat_smile:


If it’s siblings can I’m hoping he/she can!
It’s a Very nosey little thing :sweat_smile:

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Oh don’t! It’s taken me ages to work out MM dates when looking at animals :joy:

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So far so good. All perfect like any other babies here! :grin:

Infact the one issue here now is actually one of Big Mama and Spikes babies having a lil hump, had since birth though and was born June, quad too and absolutely stunning example of one! But that’s ok, we are hoping it’s a female as Pumpkin is going into Emily’s room, and it means she’s gets company if so :blush: