Lilly-White Crested Gecko

I have only been breeding crested geckos for a couple of years and this is my first real season with Lily whites. I have a beautiful female that I paired this year for the first time with a beautiful tri-color male. I know that it is supposedly a co-dominant gene and the superform is fatal to the offsprings. I’ve also been told that the odds of getting 50% Lily white in the clutches is per season not per clutch more or less but this female has produced three clutches and all six Offspring Have Been Lily whites. Has anyone else had this experience with a lily white that produced a 100% in their clutches? Trust me I know because this is her first season her next eight eggs could all be without any of the whites but could there possibly be a heterozygous form?? Is there any possibility my mail is carrying some genetic trait that is enhancing the probability of The Offspring being Willie whites?? I will include a picture of the pairing but maybe I’m just getting super super lucky LOL


Well they best hopes to the clutch hopefully a nice tricolor Lilly


I could be wrong but I think @ghoulishcresties popped out a lot of Lily whites from one of her pairings this past season?
Or maybe that was @foxreptile… I see a lot of posts by both so im certain it was one of them!


Thanks, we both had a few Lilly whites this year! So you wasn’t wrong :grin:

For me my pair had 4 clutches of eggs, 3 clutches had 1 Lilly White & 1 non Lilly White. And last clutch, both were Lilly whites.
The sire (Lilly White) comes from a line of high whites x Lilly whites. While the dam was from a Lilly White pairing with mostly Lilly White offspring.

I have read (somewhere) that the Lilly White pairing is likely to be higher if the non Lilly White, carries the gene from lineage.

Do you know Blaze’s lineage?

I was actually hoping for less Lilly White offspring, but never mind :sweat_smile:

Would love to see some pics of the offspring :pleading_face:


Here are some pictures of some of her Offspring from this season. This is her first ever season being paired and she gave me eight perfect eggs and right now five have hatched out and three still in the egg box. Of the five, all have been Lily whites, some higher expression than others but all definitely Lily whites.


3 clutches from Naruto and all lillies here too!

Usually it’s roughly 1 in 3/4 eggs, but, if the non Lilly parent has a Lilly parent then it’s been proven that there’s more chance of lillies.

Akira has no Lilly parents as far as I’m aware here so I’ve been saying Naruto has super sperm :joy:

Very pretty lillies :black_heart:


Pretty babies :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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