Lilly White Price Decline

Was just wondering what everyone’s thoughts are on breeding Lilly whites while the market is flooded?

I have been to all of the reptile shows this year and have seen multiple Lilly whites up for £150 - £200 (even for good quality ones with nice structure and high white)!

I will be breeding Nitrous next year as it’ll be our first time breeding the trait and I’m super excited about it (aiming for Red Tricolour Lilly’s) however seeing so many people have Lilly whites they can’t sell is putting me off for breeding him in the future.

Again, was just wondering what everyone’s thoughts are :smile:

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I completely agree, it’s a hard decision.

I chose to breed my Lilly White this year, but I’m a little concerned about the market being flooded with them.

I bought a Lilly White a few months ago at reptile show for about £500. There were others at lower price but didn’t have the lineage or great head structure.

For me, quality of the gecko was important. Yes I might have to sell babies at a lower rate then I’d like, but I will hopefully be getting the Gecko I want to produce.

Lilly White’s were bound to come down in price as everyone wanted to breed them. I think they will be same cost as other Cresties some day soon, but that’s just a theory.

Does your gecko have good head structure, colouring & lineage?

We bought ours for £500 from a breeders house. Went all the way to Devon from Essex to pick him up :heart:

This is Nitrous and his lineage. I wouldn’t change him for the world. I understand his babies will sell for less but I’m not particularly worried about that aspect.
I’m Mainly worried about people who are into crested geckos but are not interested in the quality of the animals who are buying them as cheap as possible to breed to anything.


We’ve been chatting on groups about this funny enough today.

And unfortunately a Lilly white now is a ‘common’ morph really… Not going for much… Some up now have spots which lowers the value though we have one here with a lot and I think she’s amazing! We’ve held back atm.

It’s a shame, I have a high white girly, and then my red boy with red spots. And to be honest I think more people are waiting on his babies that high white lillies! :sweat_smile:


Quality thing is a problem with all morphs.

I see so many advertisements saying high end or designer morph when in fact it’s a basic morph and nothing special, plus didn’t always have best structure.

I’m going to produce some sort high white Lilly White’s, but that’s a long term goal.

I have a Crestie from exclusively geckos, his amazing and was a bit of a suprise his a tricolour, he later got spots and red spots. His not an ideal breeder because of the spots, but I love him.

I like to stick to buying from ppl that have either been about a while or are focused on breeding with a long term goal that doesn’t revolve around money.


Exactly the same as us! I’d love to see a photo of your Exclusively Geckos gecko :heart: I love Dalmatian spots on geckos, I think they’re so cute! I understand a lot of breeders don’t like them though haha.

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I think a lot of us are like this, don’t get me wrong I know a few breeders who are very pushy with sale and all charge too much imo! But I know so many who I adore and love seeing what they have.

I charge what I would pay myself, and I don’t overcharge, I even lower for any spots etc and if I know you, I lower again! I also am happy with trading if you have what I’d like and vice versa!

I do this for me, because I love them and I love seeing what I can produce. Naruto has made me proud this year for starters, Haise also with all the extremes. I’m just happy with the outcomes and Infact I know a Naruto baby will be a trade already! :sweat_smile: X


I think dals are okay, but it can be hidden on a Gecko if it’s patterned like my Gecko Fudge, he arrived with no spots but soon got them and I was too new at buying etc (at the time) for lineage etc.

Here are some pics of Fudge produced by Exclusively Geckos

I’d love to swap a gecko for a Naruto baby :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


He’s lovely :heart_eyes: Such a gorgeous pattern!

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Your extreme hatchlings have been mind blowing! :exploding_head: Such gorgeous hatchlings as well as your Naruto hatchlings, ugh I just can’t wait to watch them progress !! X


Who was he parents? Do you remember? :grin:

I’m going to dig for more eggs later, so will be more to give around :black_heart:

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Thanking you!
I can’t wait…
I love the first shed the most after just hatching… and then to watch them grow and change is so lovely 🥹


Thank you. I don’t have lineage for him, another reason why I’m not breeding him yet. I didn’t think to ask when I got him and she didn’t have the info later on :pensive:

I can’t wait to see more Naruto babies, gives me time to get some more of my own babies from Milkyway :relaxed:

Have you got original pics from Julia?

Yes I do.

When I asked her later on, she had unfortunately lost the info

Us there a code on it? :thinking:

Yep code was w2. I gave the code when I asked.

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