Lily white breeding

So how does breeding lily whites work. Can I breed to anything (except other Lily whites) and create a lily white mix. Example if I breed to a harlequin are they lily white/harlequin or would they just be one or the other?

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It would depend on the genes in each gecko

Not all offspring will be lilly white. Do you have Geckos in mind or thinking ahead?


there will be a mix. about half the offspring will be lilly white and the other half will be normal non lily whites. and yes you can breed lily whites to anything except another lily white. and there will probably be lily white harlequins if you breed them together

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Don’t really have any specific ones in mind. I’m just trying to learn how it all works. I have a bunch of Dalmatians, a couple harlequins and a few patternless reds. So just trying to learn what genes really get passed down

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To be honest all those genes could be passed on.

Although you might also produce phantom Lilly White’s. The ratio can differ on the genes.

I’ve seen ppl produce just lilly whites while other producer barely any. The ratio is higher if the non Lilly White is from Lilly white pairing

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Anything can go to a Lilly white, but another lillywhite.

Depends what you want, red lillies? High whites? Tricolour?

All traits can be passed to any offspring regardless of a Lilly or not, anything can pop out when breeding! I call them ‘Kinder Surprise’ when you get some that have traits you don’t see in parents! :grin: