Lily White x extreme cream Cresties

When breeding a Lily white male to an extreme cream female, will 100% of the babies be Lily white?



Lilly to ANY other Crestie result in same %.

Roughly you get one every 3/4 eggs. Sometimes more to be fair, I know people who’ve only got 1/2 Lillie’s over a year with their pair. and others who got more Lillie’s than non Lillie’s. Varies a lot.

All 4 of mine from my phantom Lilly boy were Lillie’s.


No LW is an incomplete dominant trait, where what we know as a LW is the het-form. The super-form is lethal. A cream extreme harlequin doesn’t carry the LW gene, so any one of the babies will have a 50% chance of being LW statistically, which in theory would result in 50/50 “normal” to LW.


Thanks for the replies

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