Linguine is Back!

Hey there! If youve read my intro you know I was homeless at a point in time. I had to leave EVERYTHING, including my cat.

So after getting an apartment, ive been slowly finding everyone. Rigatoni was easy, she was at a local pet store and I known the owner.

My cat was just left outside at my moms. I picked her up and got her on her feet again.

Linguine was given to a friend. Then sold. I didnt know exactly where she was but I reached out and found her. Today, I bought her back before her owner moved away.

She is only 450 grams. Almost two years ago, when I gave her up, she was 250 grams. Im upset. But shes back, so all is well.

Once shes feeling better, shell be going into a 40 gallon, but for now shes in a 20 long being monitored closely. She took a rat today, which is a success!

Dont mind the enclosure, just threw together what I had.


It’s awesome that you could get your babies back.

I too had some problems about five years ago. A “friend” was keeping and taking care of my dog.
It took a couple of years to get back on my feet. When I got in contact with the person who had my dog , I was told they gave him to my ex. I was crushed. There was no way I was getting him back.
Ironically about a year and a half later , I started looking for another companion. This one could be a twin to my old pal.

My new best friend Scrappy

I teared up reading that you were able to get them back. I’m so happy things are better for you.


Thats so precious!!! Im sorry you never got yours back :((


Scrappy will never replace Hoppy nor was I trying to replace him.
Scrappy was a dog pound rescue. I still don’t know if I saved him or he saved me. But he has brought a lot of joy and love back to my life. I’m in a much better place than I was just a few years ago.
I wish you all the best for you and your beloved pets. God bless you Sarah.


Well @buckeyeballs I firmly believe you saved each other! When I was in a very dark place my dog Rudy was sent to me by my Divine Creator. His Mighty Hand can pull us out no matter how deep in the darkness we are.

And congratulations again to you, @rigatoni for getting back on your feet! Good for you sweetheart! :pray::snake::+1::smiling_face_with_three_hearts: