Link to Market from Forums

Is there a link to the home page of MM from the forum section (mobile format)? I haven’t been able to find one. Am I just blind/stupid? Frustrated that I have to type in the url just to go from one to the other… thanks for any help!

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You could set a bookmark for each? Or if your on mobile just add a widget to your home screen so it’s always 2 taps away


Here is a little guide to doing what @jamesh6621 mentioned.

Wanted Section aka Alerts

OR, one line of code could be added and it would be there for all of us?

Don’t know much about coding huh? It’s not that simple adding a bookmark is a couple clicks so that still less work then typing a line of code. If you want it added maybe try saying something in the suggestions thread.

Actually, I ran my first website ~25 years ago. The entire site was written using
NotePad. So, I’ve probably forgotten more about coding…

Hi DL, what I hear you asking for is a link on the forum site that goes to the market site, is that right? What we have to do is customize the header of the forum to get that link up there. It’s been something I have wanted to do but hadn’t figure out yet. Its’ a very reasonable request.

(Btw, neither the market nor forum has a dedicated mobile URL versus desktop URL. They are both responsive sites where the same URLs are used and render differently depending on the device. )

Yes, John. That’s what I was thinking. And yeah, getting another piece of art in the header is the answer. I was thinking perhaps I was just missing it. Still, I love the site you’ve built!

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I just realized I kinda came off really rude with my response and didnt mean to and wanted to apologize, sorry man!


I love that.

I hope that this spirit permeates our forum (and to an extent I think it does): Humility. Ownership.

(I wish that characterized our country – leaders who are willing to make choices, but also acknowledge mistakes – not a partisan statement).