Linking a NFS animal to a previously posted ad

I was adding a few animals to my MorphMarket NFS and had the thought… since some of these animals I’ve purchased were technically already posted by another breeder, wouldn’t it be useful to be able to link the original post in some way? Perhaps even import information from that listing?

I would even go a step further and ask about animals marked as sold to a user being “transferred” to that user in some sense.
When MorphMarket adds in husbandry features, this could be super useful in keeping records intact with specific animals too.

So far I’ve just added the link to my description, but I think it would be helpful in different ways if there could be something done with that — I’m sure others can give their input on the idea as well!

Edit: this is brought to you by my extremely disorganized and chaotic thinking, yet again



Theres so much that could be done with something like this. Tracking lineage is i think the best example, combining a feature like you sugested to offspring groups could show who has what sibling, or trace back new listings to grandparents+. Really useful when breeding localities or line bred traits, or even “dinker” projects

Of course this would be restricted by the membership/privacy settings of the buyer/collection


You have my support as well. I was actually just setting some of mine up last night too and was looking for somewhere to put it besides the description. Ended up just copying and pasting the link for now like you did, but it makes it look a little clunky. Personally I would rather see it in the little sidebar area in like a “produced by” section (if that doesn’t already exist, I could just be blind).

It did remind me just how long I’ve had some of these guys though, and I found out that at one point the date of purchase for one of my ball pythons got messed up in my notes by like an entire year. lol


I’ve wished for this, too. I didn’t even think about including a link to ads for NFS animals I purchased. I do always indicate in the text portion who produced anybody I’ve acquired. I would love to be able to transfer in new animals, and to transfer info to others who buy animals I’ve produced. Kinda like what happens with a registration certificate for a horse or a dog.


Lineage would also be extremely useful in finding unrelated animals when it comes to some species like crested geckos and bearded dragons, since iirc inbreeding can sometimes be an issue with the limited gene pools


Transfering animals is in the pipeline :wink:

Thats a really good idea!


I had a challenge tonight loading a breeding on Reptile Scan, as the parents of the female were already sold I could not link this back to lineage. I think the other thing that frustrated me is that the male was bred to a Russo and I had completely white babies in the clutch, so now I sit with other snakes in my collection that probably carry a hidden gene that was present in the pied and I have no idea where to start looking as I had several Breedings with that male over the years and only now made the discovery.