Links to care wikis

Would love to have this added.

I saw where @lumpy was trying to start up a boa care wiki. I think a community wiki for each/all species would be great. They would really be great in the case of those species that are only being kept/bred successfully by a few people.

Having the care wikis stickied to the top of each category would help forum goers reach information quickly rather than digging through endless threads for scraps of data.

The wikis should have pics, lots of pics.:grin:

And there should be a link to the care guide wiki in the marketplace, maybe on the species line for the individual listings. It would great for a potential buyer to quickly be able to access a trusted source to help decide if a new animal would be a good fit for them.:+1::+1:


I don’t know if this is a good idea, actually. There‘s simply too much variation in what different people would characterize as ideal husbandry for a given species. I think you’d get a lot of repetitive arguments.


I don’t know if I was really creating a care guide maybe more just a compiling amount of all the different various options and ways that people do keep boas healthy. Whether this be racks or tubs and whatnot.

I will say that I agree. The only way that it really could work as if it becomes very generalized and then it’s not as helpful as I would really want something like that to be.

@reptilian_rapscallions, I was using my other thread, more as a place where the current boa keepers and breeders on the forum can get together and list of things that they do so that we can see the variance, and it would help the formation of a knowledge base that new keepers could look at and see what could possibly work well for them in their specific environment and living situation. Maybe I should reword it, so that it comes off more as range of values and methods that could work, and that people would be able to reference when trying to see what would work in their specific environment?


I agree with both of you.

I would think the best way, and it would still be a mess that would need a dedicated curator (per guide), would be to have the information section at the top, and the discussion in sections below.

My suggestion would be to ask for volunteers, divide the discussion up by section of the guide, and maybe even go so far as to poll the community on the most comon answers.

Ie: this part is for temps and humidity…

This part for size of enclosure and maybe type (land, sea, air)…

This part food and activity behavior…


I think these guide pages would be the most useful for the less commonly kept species, and for them, I would think the number of contributors would be naturally smaller, and thus easier to manage.

Just really wish there was a better source for some of this than a one page blog entry on that just copy pastes the information from everyone else.

Even commonly kept species can be a real damn shoot for information. Just go look for a solid and data rich guide for BCI localities, go ahead, I’ll wait… Yeah, got overloaded with it? Me too…

I would love to expand into some of these species, but when the husbandry data consists of “keep them pretty much like…” that’s not good enough. I don’t want to put the animal at risk as I fumble along. And a higher success rate means more keepers for a species, which means more availability/visibility. And that can only be a good thing for the hobby as a whole.

However it ends up, if it ends up, and if the guides turn out to be better than just general slop, then having a link available on the ad for people to tap to access the guide for that species would be awesome sauce.

“I love satanic leaf tail geckos, they look so cool, would love to have a reliable, trustworthy guide handy to access to see if that is a species that I might reasonably add to my huge collection, before I go spend uncounted hours deep diving, researching, calling and pestering keepers…”

“I’m brand new to the hobby, I’m looking to buy my first snake, but I’m down to Brazilian rainbow or kenyan sand, and I can’t decide, maybe a quick click to a guide might tell me that one is better suited to me than another before I get the wrong one and have a terrible experience, turning me and my parents away from the hobby…”

Yeah, “research the animal” is always part of the response I give too. I think the MM community can and should be part of that. We, collectively, have alot of information to offer. I just see this as a way to gather up and consolidate this part.

I hope the guides do happen, I think the MM forum community is sane, civilized, and polite enough to be able to do this as a community without having it devolve into the usual online chaos. When the guides do happen, I hope there’s a link in the marketplace…:grin:


I 100% agree with you. I think that discussion about care of any kind of any species is a thing that is missing from other sites and sources. Additionally, specifically for the satanic leaf tailed gecko, it is really hard to get people who breed or just sell these animals to give any information on how they care for them because even if it is good care, they are very misunderstood in their nature. Care guides usually are very hard to write for animals that are unknown for the most part.

I definitely think we can start writing and compiling peoples thoughts in topics, and really start these discussions off strong and really digging into the nitty details of what things mean. Saying some thing is kept like a corn snake is fine, just specify how you would keep a corn snake then or what elements of that carrying over into this animals care.

And after these topics, even if they’re just for some of the most commonly kept species (at the moment), at least there would be these topics where we could link them in to the marketplace so people could read through them and gather information so that there is source of information on care.

Any thoughts @eaglereptiles? I realize that we were going to have a Care thing with the new installment of the team onto MorphMarket . It just might be nice to have these topics where they can also pull from to use that as information to write, as well.


All I can really say at this time is we have big plans in this space and I’m enjoying listening to everyones input here.

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