List view thumbnail

Could a thumbnail be added to the list view? Nothing big, something that will fit in the current space to just get an idea of what it looks like. Keep everything else in list view the same. With several titles nearly the same, it will help in reference to the one you want to open, or delete.


This is already present in the new search mode, which will soon replace the old one.


That looks like awesome. Can’t wait

You can do this already @d_y_python , no need to wait.

These icons change the view of the Traits Index :wink:

On the latest Listings page you will see these icons change, for different views also.


When John says “replace the old one”, he means the old search will cease to exist. But the new one is in production aready.

Be sure to hit that “New Search” button if you have already…

That works, looks good. And I need to apologize, I was referring to the favorite list view. But I do like ke this as well.

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Great though, we’ll get there, hopefully sooner than later!