Listing of previous inquiries from customer [DONE] [#1377]

I think it would be extremely helpful for breeders to know when someone has contacted you before. This way you can get an idea if the person just likes to ask for pics or has bought something previously. I like to know when i am talking to a repeat customer or someone new. I am not sure if that would even be possible to add that kind of a feature, just a thought.



Love this suggestion :fire::fire::100::100:


Great idea, I’ll make a note of it!


Another somewhat related feature the possibility to put someone on ignore to no longer get their inquires ( bad buyers that fail their payment plans, repeat picture collectors etc)


@stewart_reptiles Idk why I would take the chance of a sale away from myself but if my competition wanted to they can be my guest! :slight_smile:

I’d much rather still get the inquiry but have a flag on it alerting me of the payment history etc.


I am picky about my customers, it’s more than just another sale to me and even doing so it never stopped me from being sold out.

Over the years I have dealt with rude and obnoxious potential customers, people that defaulted on their plans, or people I have refused to sell to but that kept coming back anyway and while being reminded that there was a previous interaction would be great you would still have to go through the convos which takes mor time than being able to simply put people you have had difficulties with on ignore. This way you do not have to be dragged into another pointless or wasteful conversation or drama on why you will not sell to them (same principal as the forum ignore feature)

Tell me out of ALL potential customers you have had so far have you ever wished that one of them would stop contacting you? Dr


As a sales professional, rude and obnoxious customers are just another hurdle for a marketing professional to overcome. Sketchy though…with failed payments and the like that’s a different ball of wax to me I get that.

(Easy for me to say as I don’t have the battle scars you probably do :joy:)

Would MM also be adding an equal but opposite block feature to be used towards rude or sketchy sellers? Have seen that requested a few times on here as well. (I never thought much of either one personally, jw)


Well that’s the difference between my former corporate job with 25 years in retail, customer service and management and what I do now where I can afford to pick and chose my customers and not have to deal with disrespect, and many breeder feel the same way and would not hesitate to pass some potential customers to another breeder.

As for blocking breeders that’s different I am talking about someone contacting you I have yet to see breeders contacting me to offer me animals but if they did I would want to block them to, not much of the type to be sollicitated or spammed.

So what if people inquire for extra stuff about the snake. People can change their mind about buying. Inquiring isn’t an obligation to buy it.


@jngriffin of course. But that’s the whole point of the OP – to see the pattern. It’s fine to ask for info and not buy once or twice, with most sellers. But if they do this over and over? Some of the big sellers get so many inquiries they can’t keep track of who’s who.

Unfortunately there are a small number of users who send a lot of inquiries and almost never follow through (on any platform). Whether they are just dreamers or whatever, it’s just a time waster, and this is good idea to help with that.


Agreed inquiring is not an obligation to buy, however when you get 40 inquires from the same person over a period of time asking for weights, feeding habits, shipping cost and more pics every single time with no response after it can be a little bit of a pain.


Following up a little on what John said, what people are asking for is not to weed out those that ask honest questions, it is to weed out the time wasters. People like:

The “Photo Collector”- You have three clear, well-lit photos on your listing and they ask you for three more photos… And then a photo outside… And then a photo on a blue background… And then a photo on a red background… And then a video… And then a photo of you holding the animal with a copy of today’s newspaper… (you probably think I am using hyperbole here but I have actually had someone do this to me.)

The “Let me ask my wife”- Spends a week asking questions only to tell you “Let me ask my wife and I will get back to you.” and then you never hear from him again… Until a month later when he messages you again asking all the same questions about a different snake you have listed

The “What is your lowest price?”- Asks this question for EVERY animal you have listed

The “Bottom of the barrel trader”- I see your animal is listed at $1200. I have 3 of the ugliest non-feeding Enchi males you have ever seen. Will you take them in trade? Not interested? How about I throw in a nearly dead Pastel to sweeten the pot. Still no? Okay, I am going to go and send you a new message about that $700 animal you have instead.

These are the people that sellers would like the option to weed out


It would even be nice to have a feature to warn you when potential breeders have habits of selling animals to others after the accepted an offer from a buyer.

I would love to see this feature. Each ad has a count of how many inquiries it has had since it has been posted. It would be awesome if we could get a count of how many times the user has sent us an inquiry. Right now I am just declining the repeat offenders, but this feature would ensure that we don’t accidentally shut down a legit buyer. Thanks John!


Just new on here how do I see what snakes you have for sale or rather how do I search the seller?

To search animals for sale you need to go on from there use the filters to find what you are looking for, than go on the breeder’s profile to see what customers says about them.

Keep in mind that we do not allow sales, inquiries or feedbacks post on this forum, you can however click on any member’s profile to see if they have a link to their own website or MM Store.

This is how I feel about it… When people are asking the same questions over and over, you may think they are only wanting what you are selling. Fact is, you’re not the only one they are looking at. They are more than likely trying to decide between you and others before they decide. And I’m sorry but answering the same question so much that it upsets you is part of the job. It’s part of selling. I always ask the same questions to different people before making a decision. Most people dont have a money tree in their backyard to pluck 100 dollar bills when they want, and ask questions. I do that, and if somebody blocks me for it… Good! All you did was make my decision a lot easier.


That’s not what breeders have in mind when it comes to problem potential customers and or bad buyers they want blocked, what you are describing is just your every day customer. :+1:


As a buyer, I like the idea as well. I always ask all sellers the same initial questions regardless of what I’m inquiring about. It would be great if sellers could know at a glance that when I inquire, I am seriously looking to buy.


@t_h_wyman I ask every one of the questions you listed, of every seller, for every snake I inquire about. I choose based on the snake, the response time of the seller and compliance of the seller. I don’t inquire unless I intend to buy. Just ask Mary, the original poster how serious my inquiry of her was and how that deal went.