Little Crestie?

I’m sorry this is so stressful.

I second the fig and insect with the growth and breeder. Another thing I’ve been doing is switching it up weekly. I go all iron chef with the CGD and get creative with combos. That way I can see what they like a little easier. I’ve also used bee pollen to varying degrees of success.

I also don’t know what you’re using for food bowls, but I ended up getting contact cases for the hatchlings so I can use the covers and base, and still monitor food intake.

One thing we did with Kain when he wouldn’t eat anything, was mix fruit purée in with the repashy. I’d purée the fruit myself and mix it in with the prepared CGD. it was like…the smallest bit, but it worked. I don’t know if that’s something that would work, @ghoulishcresties knows better than I. :blush:

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I wouldn’t use fruit puree as they usually have additional additives & things in them (which could be harmful)but blending fresh fruit occasionally is okay, just make sure they are a calcium to phosphorus ratio of 2:1 Or it won’t be very nutritious for the Crestie. However, food is better than no food so you could experiment a little (make sure it is safe).

Bee pollen is suppose to be great (but addictive so use sparingly) I didn’t use this directly, but I bought a food mix that contained it and it definitely worked for my fussy gecko.

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Thanks everyone. I’m not giving up!


^^^^^Important! Make your own!

I had found a list of safe fruit as treats, but y’all probably have some off the top of your heads. :joy:

…I wanna grow up to be you guys. @foxreptile @ghoulishcresties :joy::joy::joy:


thanks :relaxed:

Yes make your own. I blend or mash fruit up.

Good options are papaya, figs, raspberries.

There are plenty more but they have great ratio


YES! Kain loved raspberry.

What I had done was purée a raspberry still wet from washing it and added just enough to prepared repashy to turn it pink.


That’s what he’s eating in this picture.


I make my own too and my three spoiled cresties love that stuff. :joy:

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Well here are some new pictures of the little dude. Still hasn’t really put on much mass, but I know he’s eating. Gained maybe 1/2" in length. Lots more spots on him too.


His got a little belly on him now :grin:

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Definitely growing!
Maybe they didn’t tell you the right age after all… :thinking:


I definitely need a new name for this little dude. The breeder called him Dorito but I’m not feeling it. I’m thinking something like Brutus.

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I love that name!
I love that I can come here and leave the issues of the day, just for a little bit.


Yep, whenever I come on it is just like a friendly conversation with people who have the same interests as me. :slight_smile:

Name suggestions are Lemon, Juan, and Jeff.

I also love Brutus :slight_smile:


I try to make my posts fun and get a smile from people. Its a great way to destress for me.


Same, I love to encourage people and lift them up.