Little Red eyes

Blood line eclipse Tremper first shed


Just fantastic!! I wish so much that I had the patience to learn how to take such gorgeous photos of my guys! You’re an inspiration! :black_heart: :green_heart:

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I agree, your a huge inspiration! I hope to one day take photos like you, although I won’t ever be as good!

Sadly this shot didnt come out as well as I had hoped. My usual lens is broke…hopefully replacement this weekend. I was so so shaky. I didn’t get any sleep last night I was up waiting for baby iguanas and dragons


Baby reptiles :heart_eyes:

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I love the contrast between the light orange and the vibrant red of the eye! Excellent photo as always!


It may not have been what you was aiming for, but it’s still an awesome pic! And I didn’t notice anything as a result of shaky hands!


to me the eye isn’t as clear as I would like. Less shakey this evening well it’s 3am again and no sleep. Whoops

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Still an awesome pic :grin:
I’m not usually up this time either, alarm clock is set for 3 hours time :disappointed:

I’ve been watching my Cresties on the camera to pass the time :blush:

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I am up and down this week mentally… on heavy meds but they only do so much. The arrival of the igs, dragons and geckos have helped. Also the daily care of these guys. Managed to sort out rehoming a Hermanns tortoise who was painted :confused: A red foot and a very defensive corn who needs a home. That’s something positive. They will arrive here in quarantine next Thursday

cool that would be ace. What kinda equipment do you use for the crestie watching?

We have eufy security cameras so I bought an indoor version for the geckos or snakes. I’m hoping to put it in the incubator close to our BP’s hatching.

I can watch live or it records on movement. With a selection of sensitivity.

I can put it close to the enclosures or far away and still pics up their movement. I have it set at high sensitivity though, sometimes it picks up dust floating in the air lol works through glad and most plastics.

I’m often up in the night so I sit watching them.