Live food breeder

Does anybody know of a mouse breeder who will ship live pinkies?

Ship? Highly doubtful. Better find someone local, I have had luck searching for local fb groups When I’ve needed to find some live. Hopefully you can too.

If there’s reptile expos around you then you can usually find some vendors selling live mice of different sizes.

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Live pinkies can’t really be shipped. The fastest shipping is overnight, and they will probably starve to death in the box. They really don’t live long without Mom.


You can probably find a reptile specialty store in your area. They usually have most sizes.

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Use the Morphmap to find breeders local to you and check their store page to see what their animals eat.
If they feed live then hit them up with a message and see if they can help you out.


Where is morphmap?


Thank you everybody! I will look into your suggestions.