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Hey everyone, I’m excited to be joining a supportive community of fellow enthusiasts. I’ve always had an affinity for reptiles, specifically the legless variety. I’ve kept a wide variety of animals but at this time I maintain a collection of sand boas, ball pythons, king snakes, and one basset hound. I’m interested in adding garter snakes to that list soon enough. I’m proud to be a part of a like-minded group of people, and promise to be a sponge absorbing all the info I can! Thank you for your time.


Welcome to the community @samuraiwack!

Your collection to me is super cool already. What is drawing you to garter snakes? Do you have any favorites in your current collection you’d like to post about with some pics? :blush:


Thank you! @akmorphs
I think what has been drawing me to garter snakes is that they are one of the few species I’m aware of where cohabitating is almost encouraged. That is so intriguing to me!

I’m always down to show and tell. This is my first ball I got, a male super Mojave BEL. His name is Fettuccine aka Fetty.

This is my newest addition to the collection. A paradox snow KSB named Hugh (Hefner). Big plans for him and his bunnies!


I love the names and Hugh is amazing looking! :heart_eyes:


So you have a Fetty but no Wop?

Looks like you need another snake good sir :joy::joy:

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Any excuse to get another is always welcome! @thecrawdfather