Live Mice to F/T Rats Carpet Python

Purchased a Carpet Python from a breeder - she is on live mice and Im trying to switch her over to F/t rats. Ive tried everything to switch her to f/t rats but she is refusing the switch. When i say I have tried everything I mean EVERYTHING! Except force feeding. She is going on 2 months without eating. Im not concerned but I decided to post because I have not seen a post where someone actually waits it out. Every post I see is about how to get them to switch but nothing about sticking to your guns.

So far Week 7 and she has refused f/t wean every week. I am consistent on feeding times and if she refuses I move the f/t wean away from her right away. Its like game to her at this point. She thinks I am going to give in like I have done in the past but I refuse. I am assuming she wont let herself die of hunger. I have another Caramel Jaguar that will eat anything i give him so I know my Jungle is just being picky. Anyway she is not losing much weight and i will re-post when she eats.

You really want to do it 1 step at the time going from one prey that is a specific live rodent to another type of rodent that is F/T will make it a lot more difficult.

Either do live mouse to live rat than once you have a few meals down f/t rats

Or do live mice to f/t mice than once you have a few meals down f/t rats.

With carpet switching from mice to rat is usually more complicated than switching from live to f/t.