Live Mice to F/T Rats Carpet Python

Purchased a Carpet Python from a breeder - she is on live mice and Im trying to switch her over to F/t rats. Ive tried everything to switch her to f/t rats but she is refusing the switch. When i say I have tried everything I mean EVERYTHING! Except force feeding. She is going on 2 months without eating. Im not concerned but I decided to post because I have not seen a post where someone actually waits it out. Every post I see is about how to get them to switch but nothing about sticking to your guns.

So far Week 7 and she has refused f/t wean every week. I am consistent on feeding times and if she refuses I move the f/t wean away from her right away. Its like game to her at this point. She thinks I am going to give in like I have done in the past but I refuse. I am assuming she wont let herself die of hunger. I have another Caramel Jaguar that will eat anything i give him so I know my Jungle is just being picky. Anyway she is not losing much weight and i will re-post when she eats.

You really want to do it 1 step at the time going from one prey that is a specific live rodent to another type of rodent that is F/T will make it a lot more difficult.

Either do live mouse to live rat than once you have a few meals down f/t rats

Or do live mice to f/t mice than once you have a few meals down f/t rats.

With carpet switching from mice to rat is usually more complicated than switching from live to f/t.


Try a live prey item. Immediately after your carpet swallows the live prey, offer the frozen thawed while it is still amped up from eating the live. I heard it works. I never had trouble getting my carpets on frozen thawed, but I was probably lucky with them.

Try a pre killed live mouse/rat a few times once it gets used to dead prey f/t should be no issue at all.

I have one carpet who is what I call a mouser. She just refuses rats, I feed all mine f/t, and while she will eat chicks also (occasional treat) she just point blank refuses rats, so mice it is. I have others who I call garbage disposal as they’ll eat anything

Dealing with this issue myself. I sought advice from some local breeders that have had years of experience with carpets and the answer I find most common is “Some just never switch”.

I was quickly successful in getting my pair to eat frozen thawed mice, but my three year old female drives me nuts. She has a monster feeding response when I open her tub, she flies out at anything. Great, right? If it’s a mouse being offered, she crushes it. A rat, however, in any shape or form, she strikes with the same intensity, and spits it out with twice the intensity. It happens so fast it’s not even funny.

So for the time being, I plan to stick to what she likes. I may try African soft furs so I can at least offer larger prey as she grows. I just find it incredible that she would detest a rat so badly.

My favorite part is the second mouse offering, she slowly approaches it, and gently opens her mouth and begins swallowing like some gentle giant. The yearling male I just got, now eats just like this with the first mouse, no striking at all.

Strange, but fascinating animals, for sure!