Live Rodents In/Near Maine

Okay. Does anybody know of a supplier of live rodents in Maine? I CANNOT BELIEVE how impossible they are to find. I have a clutch of baby balls, and only one has eaten f/t.

I would’ve figured this out beforehand, but the last time I bred ball pythons you could buy live mice at any pet shop. I never dreamed it would be this difficult. I have called all over the state. I have joined FB groups (which appear to have been abandoned).

I’m at my wits end.


Have you tried to find a mom and pop shop?

You will have to go in person but those shops are usually open to not killing your items, if you call ahead and they know you are coming/are there. It might cost more but that is what I did when my boas were switching to f/t.


In the meantime have you tried warming up the nose/face of the thawed rodent maybe with a blow dryer and then mimicking the movements/wiggling the rodent in front of the snake holding the rodent inthe middle with tongs? If you warm the rodent enough so the snake can smell it sometimes that helps.

If one of your babies has eaten I am just going on the hopes that the rest will eat with a little extra work on your part.

I can’t think of any other solutions to find live in your area other than what @lumpy has suggested.