Lizard Brain Radio


Episode 1: Bill Stewart of WPS Reptiles

Episode 2: Sean Childers of The Chicago Reptile House

Episode 3: Mike Stefani of Mike’s Monitors

Episode 4: Frank Payne of Living Art

Episode 5: Phil Wolf of the Nephurus Initiative

Episode 6: Heather Moye of FairyTail Dragons

Episode 7: Eric Haycraft of @casqueheaded on IG!

Episode 8: It’s just me! Q&A with the live chat.

Episode 9: Clint Reinhart of Reinhart Reptiles!

Episode 10: Dillon Damuth of Gecko Lab!

Episode 11: Teresa Bradley of Coal Black Exotics!

Episode 12: Eddie Soto of Serpentera Exotics

Episode 13: Kris Painschab of Badlands Herpetoculture

Episode 14: Ian of Artificer Geckos

Episode 15: Michael Rodriguez of Desert Gem Herps

Episode 16: Eric Nielsen of New Scale Herpetoculture

Episode 17: Scott and Tie Eipper of Nature 4 You

Episode 18: Justin Julander of Australian Addiction Reptiles

Episode 19: Kris Painschab and all things Coleonyx!

Episode 20: Nipper Read and Field Herping!

Episode 21: Alex Myers and Kasey Schultz talk all things Hydrosaurus!

Episode 22: Phillip Lietz of aridsonly on IG!

Episode 23: Wally Kern of Supreme Gecko

Episode 24: THE Dr. Crawdad!

Episode 25: Dustin Grahn of gecko.sphere on IG

Episode 26: Joe Hupp!

Episode 27: Roy Arthur Blodgett of Wellspring Herpetoculture

Episode 28: End of the year and it’s just me!

Episode 29: Richard Valdez and Fire Skinks!

Episode 30: Jameson Gahagen of Gahagen Laboratories!

Episode 31: Jonathan Hill of iPardalis

Episode 32: Tinley NARBC recap!

Episode 33: Xenagama!

Episode 34: Crossing the Streams!

Episode 35: Mother’s Day!

Episode 36: Eric Haycraft and Sceloporus!

Episode 37: Joe Hupp returns to talk Australian Geckos!

Episode 38: Ryu Lugosi and Rainbow Whiptails!

Episode 39: Chuck Poland and tiny Geckoes

Episode 40: Brian Butler of Altitude Exotics!

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