Lizard Suggestions

I’m building a bioactive 72x30x38 that is thematically designed to replicate the rocky cliff side of a temperate/desert biome. I’m looking for suggestions on what I can put in there that will be comfortable, make sense with the décor (nothing tropical), make use of the vertical space (no stubby little skink legs), and does not look anything like a beardie.

A few that came to mind already:
Ackies or other rock monitors
Some Uromastyx varieties
Thought a gila would be interesting and fun, but I couldn’t find any information about their climbing habits.

Any additional suggestions would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:


Maybe look into an eastern collared lizard. They aren’t very handleable, but they look super nice as display animals. They can be hard to find CBB.

Care sheet. I’m not sure if this is a good place to buy one, but the information looks pretty accurate, and they seem somewhat legit.


Ahhh, I had complete forgotten about collareds, and they have such fun colors too. Definitely a contender!


Maybe a chuckwalla? Clint’s Reptiles did a video on them recently and they seem to fit your criteria.

Clint’s Reptiles-Chuckwalla Video


I’m not a lizard person but those little collareds are adorable! That’s my vote @zk_reptiles!

But also fire skinks are kinda cute too! However they may not fit the criteria of the enclosure you are putting together……:blush:


LMAO he’s so chunky and cute! Another great suggestion - really appreciate it :smiley:


you could keep a 1.2 or 1.3 group of Schneider’s skinks. I have heard that they are really personable and can do well in groups. They can get to about 12-18 inches (usually closer to the 14 inch area) and do like to climb even though they aren’t very good at it. Super easy care and a really fun species that I hope to get in the future. Some of the problems with them is that almost everyone for sale is wild caught but they adapt to captivity rather well. If you are into breeding you could take a shot at it.