Lizards Predators | Do Really Birds Can Harm Them?

I just go through a post at this page and came to know that some birds have strength to grab and eat lizards smaller than them. That’s make me frighten. Give your opinions and make sure is the knowledge is true and I need to secure them from these specific monsters (birds).

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I mean, if you’re keeping your lizards outside, then, yeah, you should probably account for birds/other predators eating them… But I guess I am just a little confused. Are you keeping them outside? If not, what are your major concerns about the birds? Do you also own birds, and that’s what you’re worried about?


I am a bit curious myself about where you keep your lizards and what kind they are? If you live in a warm climate I can see why you would want to keep them outside but if so they should be in an inclosure that is predator proof……

just sayin…. :blush:

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You must have some sort of open air/roof type of outside enclosure? What species of lizards? Something large like adult iguanas, tegus, monitors, even large blue tongue skinks or bearded dragons would probably be safe from all but the largest birds of prey. The other thing with open air enclosures can be birds, cats, rodents coming in to eat the lizards veggies, bugs, commercial food whatever. There is also a small chance to expose them to mites, and other parasites. Give us some more specific info, we could try to help more👍

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Great suggestions by all of you. Thanks. I will execute your information.