LLasiodora parahybana Molting

Came home for a business trip and checked in on all the critters and found my LP laying on her side. Well that didn’t look good. Then I noticed that she was in the middle of a molt. So I snapped out of the awe of watching on of my T’s molt live and in person and took a couple of pictures. And she was out and about this morning so I snapped one today. She’s starting to get that pink color now and put on some good size, too! Gonna be enclosure upgrade size pretty soon. I may let her molt one more time before I move her though.


Wow. That is so beautiful! I loved when I got to watch one of my Madagascar hissing cockroaches molt in front of me. It’s such a fascinating thing.


Awesome!!! That is a rare sight!

I watched one of my Dubia roaches molt into maturity for hours because that is one of the most interesting points in their lives. Also watching the hatching is crazy, too. I caught a Hogna carolinensis Wolf Spider in my back yard with an egg sac. It hatched into hundreds of little nightmare-inducers :smile: