Lobster roaches as feeders

I have a nice colony of lobster roaches and my reptiles love them. My only problem is they are very hard to catch. They are fast and can crawl up glass or plastic, I grab them one at a time, but 2 out of 3 get away. Does anyone have a good way to catch the little dudes more then one at a time by hand?


You could try putting something in the colony that they will climb on, like a paper towel/toilet paper roll or egg crate. If you leave it in there for a little bit they should climb on and you can take it out and put them where you want.

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If they’re such good climbers, I would think that putting an appropriately sized Tupperware container within your colony could help you gather many at once while minimizing loss. Just make sure they can climb in and you leave the lid off. When you’re ready to get some out, you could just put the lid on that container and remove that section of the population that was in the Tupperware at the time. Maybe add a treat within the container if you need to up the amount of feeders being harvested. I’ve never dealt with this species in captivity but have used this trick on other inverts so hope it can be helpful.


What good ideas.
Thank you both. :smiley: