Locality boas

Im new to boas. I dont see hardly any locality boas posted on here. Are they rare or just not as popular as morphs?

If you go to the Morph Market sellers area and click on Boa Constrictors all the way at the bottom there’s a section with all the Boas up for sale by locality. I’m not sure if you’re looking to purchase but just throwing that info out there in case you have not seen the locality section. I have an RC Pastel (not a locality) thats awesome…Boas rock.


Thanks! I like the way the different localities look. Nothing wrong with morphs just not for me.


Locality boas have risen in popularity over the past few years leading to them selling before ad posting is required. PURE locality animals from reputable sources are often paid for within a month of being born. Hog island boas use to be like $200 at any given reptile show now most breeders have waiting lists and only sell the babies in 1.1 pairs. Locality boas do have something for everybody: Bottom Line if you purchase locality boas for yourself or even just research them, it’ll be a good time for a snake enthusiasts. Checkout Brians boas on Youtube or TC Reptile and Cutting Edge Herp of Facebook. PM me if you need help finding stuff i can always talk boas.


It’s a combination of fewer people working with locales than with morphs, some locales requiring more time and effort to produce, and demand rising.

My recommendation is to find people working with what you want and follow their projects. Get on waiting lists where you can, and keep an eye on the classifieds as gems will pop up now and again.

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All the locality boas I produced in 2020 sold out in a couple of weeks, with nearly half going to people on the waiting list, never having been offered to the public. Demand is very high, and females are only bred once every two years.