Locality morphs and their origin

Does anyone know of a good place to figure out exactly where various morphs came from? I am looking into getting a few animals and, while I enjoy morphs, I want some locality stuff and would like to start with specifics.

While some animals are called, say Nicaraguan or Sonoran etc, they have things like Kahl Albino and CA Motley. The former I know came from Columbian boas originally though i know it was mixed in a long time ago or something, while the latter I have no idea the actual country of origin or if the boas I see are 100% Nic or a mix. I see such drastic differences in just the different CA countries’ boas, even though they generally are based on port more than anything, but also want to get into dwarf boas and it seems the general CA boas do get bigger than even a pure Nic boa.

All of this is to say, does anyone have any info on these morphs in regards to locality animals? A place I can see exactly what regions stuff comes from? And why do I never see pure Costa Rican boas with Costa Rican T+?

Lol, honestly even a mix/morph boa with CR T+ is out of my price range sadly, but anyway - I appreciate any input you all could give me! Thanks in advance!

If you can find a breeder you trust that has a solid track record often they can provide the details you’re looking for.

Regarding the stuff marked Sonoran it is a huge pet peeve of mine. If it’s not pure Sonoran, the people advertising the animals are taking advantage of the buyers and hurting the long term work of people wanting to keep pure animals. (That honestly goes for other locality animals as well, but Sonorans haven’t been muddied as long as most others).


I totally agree. The same goes for Nicaraguan, probably even more so. I see so many that are “Nic T+” but then the full locality isn’t listed. Then there’s the whole issue of “Central American” Boas. But yeah, with Mexican boas being so unique to even be a separate species classification (or at least proposed to be) I would hope even specific lines would be at least heavily documented, if not kept pure (Like Russo’s line etc)

There has to be some documentation about the morph origin’s though right?

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