Location/Proximity/Near Me Search Filter [DONE] [#56]

Would it be possible to add a “near me” function to the search filter?

Currently with the Morphmap you have to click individual breeders to see what they have available, making cross referencing prices difficult. Also when you click ‘back’ you have to search for your location again and work out which stores you have and haven’t checked out yet.

As a example:

Ball Python
Piebald + Lavender
Within 100 miles

It would help both buyers and sellers that are on a budget cut down on delivery prices.

Also a “notify me” option when a store has new listings would be good for stores that you trust.

Thank you for reading​:blush::blush:


I very much like this idea! I could see people using this function if it were added!

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Especially those of us that have real winter during the winter lol.


I would use a “near me” filter if it was available. As mentioned, it would be a nice way to buy during the winter, and as a seller, it could help me make more local sales.


Yes, it has been a known feature for a long time, even one that I’ve done some prototyping with. I’ll add a few votes to that request. :slight_smile:


Absolutely it would be a very helpful tool


I would also really like to be the first to see what was available in my area … money you save for transport can then be invested in a morph…:blush::blush::blush:



This is not what I’m looking for.

To see animals in a certain area requires zeroing in on that area and opening numerous tabs for each seller, then browsing through each tab invididually.

Zillow’s website, for example, allows you to define an area on a map and populates a list based upon that area.

One screen showing a list of all the animals in a certain area.

Regarding manipulation of the mutation list: Also not the same to search for a specific mutation. It’s different visually to see an entire list on one screen, get a real idea / overall picture of the quantity of various mutations.

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Guys we have released “local search filter” this morning. I am going to write it up fully later, but for now let me know if you experience problems with this.

Defaults to 50 mile/100 km search radius.

Try it out.

(We broke MorphMap but that should be fixed momentarily)


It seems to be working perfect :metal:
This will make life easier for a lot of buyers, thank you John.


Awesome! I am so excited for this!


Awesome work guys thanks @john!!