Location System Bugs [2244] [FIXED]

Exciting news about resolution to a problem that has existed on our site almost since the beginning.

Short Version

About 1% of our sellers, when trying to set their location, were unable to and had to work around this by picking a nearby location. If you’ve had this problem, you can now go back to your Seller Profile and should not have the same issue choosing your location.

Long Version

Our location component has had a bug in it since 2015 which caused about 1% of locations to be unelectable and/or generate an error. The reason this was not easy to fix is because we had to switch to an entirely different system, which took an entire week of work. Because it was so expensive to fix we had put it off until now. That transition is now complete and we believe most of the location problems around this have been resolved.

  • This conversion caused a small number of user’s location to be unset due incompatibility. For instance, we require that a city be chosen, and some previous locations didn’t include one.
  • This issue isn’t directly related to the location filters, but is indirectly related because it affects what locations are stored for these users.

Thank you for being patient with us on this issue. Believe us that we are relieved to have it addressed.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

John & Team