Long Gestation

I’ve got specter , who suppose to lay last june 1st-2ndweek, but until now, still never poop the eggs, already 2 shed from june to now, and still not eating.
Is there possibility that she will still lay for that long time? Or she might just off feed? :thinking::thinking::thinking:
Her body is quite bulk!

If she was due to lay the first or second week of June she is obviously not gravid, by now if she had been egg bound for that long her health would have deteriorated to the point of no return, so what that means is YOUR timeline was wrong.

What lead you to believe that she was due the first or second week of June?

Seems like you still have a few things to familiarize yourself with when it comes to breeding and what to look for. Here is where to start https://ballpython.ca/breeding/ (it’s a great guide for beginners)

Hmmm, this doesn’t really sound right lol. Like stewart_reptiles said your timeline is probably super off if she was ever egg bound in the first place.

So she just maybe off feed.

I’m not the one who actually mate this, my loan mate, he knows more on bp than me.

There is no time line based on locks, it can take one lock like it can take 10, your timeline only starts when the female ovulates.