Look At This Lavender Gem!

Sovereign may look serious, but he is actually very polite. A slithery puppy dog, truthfully.

Lavender False Water Cobra (Hydrodynastes gigas)


Pretty :snake: snake!


I love how he looks like slate

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Yeah, and his color, wow!

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My slithery puppy dog, I swear she is the nicest snake I’ve ever owned! His name is Popcorn
Also very sweet is… Thalia

I love my Burmese Python’s! (and all
The Ball pythons too, though my
Corn snakes can be jerks sometimes. It wierd I’ve never had mean corn snakes before Cruella and Lucifer? My daughter named them :joy:)
I’ll put Pictures (Lucifer is the Blizzard corn snake)


Used to have a normal FWC wish I had kept. The lavender FWC been a long time want of mine but the few times I had the $$$ could not find any for sale. What a gorgeous animal…If he ever gets ticked off and hoods it must look amazing.