Look what I got 😍

I just got this Female Tangerine het bell her name is tango I’m a bit concerned about this spot on her


@westridge get your butt over here and look at this beauty.

You guys have definitely sold leopard geckos to me, I’m joining the club soon.

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Leopard gecko’s are sooo cute. You should definitly get one. I’m shure you will not regret. In general it’s really nice to have some lizards next to snakes. They are still reptiles but are still so different. It’s really nice to know both.


Really beautifull leopard gecko. Love the tangerine colour together with the black white tail.
I don’t know what the spot is, but to be honest, I’m not an expert at all. It looks like a little injury. Is it open skin or just a red under skin spot?

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It could be a minor injury, or it could be a random paradox marking. Either way, it’s very likely nothing to worry about.

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We had Pascal, our grumpy little Yemen Chameleon

But she recently went to my nephew when he turned 18 as a buddy. She was ~5 here.

I find geckos a completely different level of cute though.


Ahhh…I just love chameleons too. They look so funny with their little hands and their eyes that make them always look like they are a little bit drunk. The only thing that keeps me off besides space and having enough animals now is that they don’t grow that old. Did the name come from Rapunzel?

Leopards always look like they’re smiling and everytime I go to them they’re coming to me and climb on my hand. Both are very cute but indeed totally different animals.


Chameleons are just awesome and so are geckos. A buddy of mine has pygmy chameleons and they are just the cutest. Imagine a chameleon the size of a chicken egg and that’s the size of a pygmy chameleon. Leopard geckos will always go down in the books as one of the best pet lizards though as far as their hardiness goes.


They really do always look drunk :joy: and I understand your reason completely, I was kind of gutted when I saw they usually live to around 5-6 years. Saying that though, Pascal showed no signs of slowing down, she ate, pooped and shed without issue every time.
Yeah she is named after Rapunzels chameleon :blush: my daughter Alice was insistent on it :joy: she would sit with her on her lap and sing “When will my life begin” over and over again.
Its that smile geckos have that I love, they look like life is just fun non stop :joy:

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Ahh… I can imagine your daughter sitting with her and singing. That’s so sweet :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:. Hope she doesn’t miss her to much and Pascal beats the odds. Who knows, the singing might have helped . I think you should tell your nephew to also sing for her :grin:

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she’s lovely! <3 :slight_smile:

Amazing gecko that you have, I wouldn’t be too worried about the spot, if it becomes a problem then take her to the vet. Keep monitoring it and it should be fine. Good luck with your leo.