Looking after our youngsters! What do you do, to help them along?

This hobby needs backup!!!

Personally I think we need to help any newbee along. This is what hobbies are all about. We look after eachother. Age is not really the issue, but… I must say, I truthfully enjoy see tiny people coming into the hobby!!! :v::wink:

I’ve found such a youngling a while back!!! He’s got great ideas, his “thing” is Pieds, which goes to show he’s got great taste… :crazy_face::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::heart_eyes::smiling_face_with_three_hearts: and I’m therefore more than happy to promote his work!!!

Any of you Yanks want to learn how to talk real fast with an english accent… Matt’s your guy!!! :rofl:

Show him some love.
Tiny Matt Cutter


I agree! I’ve ran into a lot of toxic people (which I find to be mainly the pet keepers) but most of the breeders I’ve spoke to have been very kind and helpful!
I’m still a newbie myself, got my first ball python last year and now have 13. Hoping to produce my first clutch this season (I already got a first lock on the two I paired, which was a banana yellowbelly x pastel het VPI axanthic! This was the male’s first time and he’s around 520 grams. Still took a meal when I pulled him out too!)

I’m only 20, turning 21 in December. I’m probably pretty young haha