Looking Ball Python identification help again!

It’s me again! Just had an awesome clutch of 9 hatch out, and would love help identifying! The pairing was a Spotnose Mystic Potion x Leo Lesser Clown ! (I’ll only be posting B1-B5 since B6-B9 are all blue eyed Lucy’s)


I’m gonna guess that B1 is a Spotnose Mystic 100% Het Clown.


B2 I believe to be a Spotnose Leo Mojave/Mystic 100% Het Clown


B3 looks like a Leo Mojave 100% Het clown to me.


B4 looks like a Leo Mystic 100% Het Clown I believe?


Finally B5 who seems to be a simply Mystic 100% Het Clown?

These are my ideas on what they are, but I’d love second and third opinions :slight_smile:

Thanks so much for reading and any help you can provide!


I think those are pretty solid IDs.

I hatched a Black Head Leopard x Mystic Potion clutch last year and I think the simple Leopard Mystic/Mojaves was the most uncertain at first, but it became a much clearer guess after about 6 months and a few hundred grams. I still sold the whole clutch with no guarantee whether they are one or the other, but I’d be pretty shocked if I ended up getting them wrong at that point.

I wonder if ~360nm UV blacklight can show any pattern on your BELs?


That’s good to know!

And I had shined a black light on the BELs previously after there first shed, but didn’t really notice anything in particular. Now that they’re a month or so old, and slightly larger, maybe I’ll give it another shot!


Apparently black light that’s too close or bleeds into the visible spectrum (400nm+) isn’t really good for the purpose. Not sure what you’ve tried though.

Also I happened to be going thru my photos and actually stumbled on a comparison shot I took after the snakes were about 6 or 7 months old.


I’ll look into a different light then!

Also wow the difference is absolutely night and day for these, guessing the Mojave is the one on the outside and Mystic is the one on the inside?

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I called the lighter one on the inside Mojave. The blushing became much stronger and pretty much all the way up the back.

For comparison of the single genes from that clutch I called the first Mojave, and the second Mystic. (The holdback Black Head Leopard Mystic(?) from the clutch as a bonus)

Really like how the Spotnose looks in your hatchlings by the way, can’t wait to see you hit the Spotnose Mystic Clowns!