Looking for a lil help or advice on Banana

I use to have 2 adult Banana males that weren’t dark at all, spots yea but they all get those unless you get fire in there which reduces spots, but mine were still bright yellow with pinks/purples! Especially the het pied, was a beaut! One was 100% het clown (he was slightly darker) and the other was 100% het pied.
All this Royal talk makes me regret selling my lot! :tired_face:

My banana now is 2 this year and still pretty! So we shall see, but I love them morph either way!

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Dope, I’m just in love with the colors they make , so why are males more cheaper?
Then females? Because of breeding?

Also what’s a Butter morph about? And the pastel morph?

If a snake is het for one of those traits, if paired with another snake that is either het (has one copy) or visual (has two copies) for that trait, you would be able to make pied, clown, ghost or whatever the snake is het for. They are recessive traits, so you won’t see a visual phenotype when the snake has only one copy. Generally recessives are more expensive/worth more for this reason

For example, this is Carbonara, my banana double het VPI axanthic, pied. I can breed him to a female that has axanthic or pied (or both!) to give me the possibility of producing visual piebalds or axanthics. But he just looks like a banana.

Enchi, butter and pastel are all co-dom traits, so you only need one copy to be visual. Two copies will give you a “super” form. They’re fairly common and affordable morphs

Females will aways be more expensive than males because it takes longer to get them to breeding size, and at most, a female can only have one clutch a year, and it’s not uncommon for them to take years off. Meanwhile a male can be used to breed multiple females and is ready at a younger age/smaller size


Thanks for the info, I’m still stuck to a female, cause she gets bigger…

It seems like just about all the snakes I found in my advance search, all lead to one seller. Is this dynasty reptiles seller good to mess with? As in healthy babys?

We can’t recommend any breeders but I can tell you to check the reviews and the buying article on the MM Marketplace.

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You got a link to this site

Researching Online Reptile Sellers

I am just going to come right out and say this at the risk of sounding like a jerk.

Based on the questions you are asking and the comments you are making, I am of the very strong opinion that you are not ready to own a ball python.

I am all for asking questions where appropriate but the vast majority of information you are requesting can be found with an easy google search. The fact that you cannot even take the time to do that makes me question if you have even taken the time to research what it will take to properly care for and keep one of these animals.


I second this :arrow_up: A little research goes a long way


:ok_hand: jerk.
I am ready. There is always a jerk on every forum/ board :roll_eyes: and you are the :trophy:

I had a ball pythons before about 5yrs ago.
I been breeding Crested Geckos for over a year, with only 3 lost…
I think I can handle this… does not take a rocket Science…
But thank you for your 2 cents :unamused:

:joy::+1: awesome

So youre saying you breed geckos but didnt know what HET meant hmmm :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Females are harder to come by as with bananas you need a female maker. Or you’ve only got about 5% to get a female.
The breeder by me luckily hatched out a few females other the many years of breeding from his male. Not a female maker just lucky!
Have a look on YouTube, there’s videos to explain it to you!
No idea what my boy is. But if I were to ever pair him it would be to another banana anyway.


Crested geckos don’t have hets. Well they didn’t until Axanthics. That’s the only het now.

Yup… never got deep into the morph, just making Harley Queen geckos, happened by accident, but then I hatched every egg, she has had, about 2 eggs a months she lays. I have 3 adults 2 eggs and 2 fresh baby’s, only lost 3 over a year, my local pet shop buys them off me…

Bananas are one of my favorite morphs. The colors, the fact that most develop the cool contrasting black spots unless there are specific other morphs in play, I personally love it all. I’m very prejudiced, but have you looked at a banana genetic stripe before?


I love that head stamp

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Can we please stay on topic and refrain from personal attacks please.


On the question of size, females tend to be bigger than males but is not always the case. You may have smaller females and bigger males. For the most part females get bigger.

Now for your purchase I would look at the adult pics of the ball pythons you are looking at. They do not stay babies for long and most will change appearance slightly as adults. I am personally fond of the banana enchi due to it being the first BP I purchased. I did see someone comment on the bananas freckling/spotting. That is a preference thing with the freckling. If you mix the right genes you can possibly have no freckles or lots of freckles. I personally like both.

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