Looking for a lil help or advice on Banana

Hello I have spent last 3 days or so looking over Ball Pythons, and there colors and genes, really like the Banana Pythons morph? sorry I’m new to all of this so not sure if you call them morph or genes :thinking: But I want a female, I here they grow longer then Males? is this true? as in length? and how about the width of them compared to a male? also wen it comes to the aggressive side, who is less?

And I have a list as you can see, my limit MAXX is 500
I would like to know which is the better gene or morph in my list i have here?

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It’s really up to you on what you think looks best. I have two banana mixes…

Banana, mojave and pastel

Banana, mojave, pastel and spider
Males can get big, it’s more about how much you feed them. Though females in general are larger both longer and heavier.
I also recommend going through a smaller breeder, where the snakes are more socialized. The female was a big breeder and it’s taken three months to get her to stop hissing at us. The male from a small family breeder and super sweet and easier to handle.

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well see that’s the thing, I like all of them in my list, So I take it they are all pretty much the same then? I talk to one of the breeders chun ku guy, and ask him wen he will have 2021 baby’s he said in July or August, cause I want a baby baby.
he has allot that found that I like, But I think his customer service threw emails SUCKS, just the way he reply back, so I don’t know about this guy or what to think of him

There’s a lot more available on morph market

YES i know, BUT i am looking for females ONLY baby

I also thought I made my post pretty clear on what i am looking for… thanks for the help…

Well, there is a banana pastel on your list that hatched in 21

YES i saw, sorry to mention that list is my Like or favorite list, i filtered my search and look at everything up to what i want to spend 500$ and all i came across over the 2 days of making this list is 9 females in my price range, Now in that list i am trying to find out what morph of banana in that list is the best, Then I will contact a seller and see wen there 2021 hatches will be up for grabs & sale… Cause i want a really small baby girl, 2021…
I hope this helps more

I missed the list you had. Never mind

Personally from your list. Banana enchi. Gives a cool patterning to them! The others to me are either a faded yellow or a bit more yellow…
That’s my opinion though!
I have a normal Banana with nothing else in him. Still a nice bright yellow with purple/pink colouration :blush:


Or if you’re planning on breeding in the future, you could get a female banana that’s het for something like pied, clown, ghost or g stripe. I don’t see any on your list but it would give you some nice opportunities to start some recessive projects.


You do know none of those snakes will look the same as adults? They brown out and get black spots. You can also add coral glow to your search as they are smae gene as banana just a different name. I too loved baby banana BPs but once I learned how they change with age my search narrowed drastically.

here is my banana lesser pinstripe fire. he is about a year old and has zero balck spots thank god


Thanks for the heads up, I can live with the spots. I like your :snake:, he is awesome :ok_hand:

OK cool. Watch the video cuz that guy is a huge breeder that sells here on MM. He knows his stuff.

So if it’s Het it can make pied, clown, ghost or g stripe? :thinking: is that what you mean?

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I do like the Enchi , what can an enchi do good with? If I ever wanted to make something

If you breed it to a 100% het pied 25% of your babies would be pied, and if you brought it to a visual pied statistically 50% of the hatchlings should be pied.

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A lot of the questions youre asking are opinions so its hard to answer.

Here is enchi explained and how it interacts with other genes


Whats the Butter about? That’s one in my list I just fell in love with its colors

I’ll check this video out later, wen in off for the day. I’m just getting ready for the work day.