Looking for advice on how to move to a different country

This is my first post on here so if I’m doing it wrong please be kind.

I’m planning on moving abroad. I live in the US and would love to move to the UK. Preferably the sooner the better but realistically I’m thinking within the next year or two.

I have a wonderful ball python that I’d really want to get to the UK with me. I’m wondering what’s the current best way to do this. I’ve looked up this question but all the responses are older, some on different websites, so I’m not sure if they’re the most up to date. From what I’ve read since I only have one snake, it seems like it would be easier/cheaper to have a breeder who regularly ships to the UK to ship him for me. But I don’t exactly know what cheaper means. Or even what breeders regularly ship internationally like this.

Any advice is welcome. My snake is a part of my family so leaving him behind is not really an option to me. I mostly just want to know how much I should budget out for him. Thanks in advance to anyone with any advice.

I would reach out to a breeder that ships there. Paperwork and a broker is needed for international shipping. They usually ship 2-4 times a year depending on how many people are shipping, they also have to go through strict shipping procedures and quarantine… you likely won’t get your snake for a while after your there due to customs.

Not getting him for a while might be a plus since I’ll have to get him a completely new setup so it gives me time to test everything before he gets to me.
I’m not sure what breeders ship there so figuring out who to contact is part of the problem. I know it’s a complicated thing. Hence why I’m trying to look into all this in as much advance as I can.