Looking for an Egg Eating Snake

I am looking for a captive bred adult female Dasypeltis Gansi! Really any egg-eater is okay, but I have done the most research and preparation on the Gansi species. It is very difficult to find a captive bred snake, but I really don’t want to get a wild caught snake because they can have parasites, be aggressive, or be difficult to feed. I have found one breeder who has some but we missed the available adult female and aren’t sure when another will be available, so I’d rather hear if someone has one available now or at least soon.
Thank you!

You would definitely want to keep an eye on the market side of MorphMarket. Sales are not permitted on the community side. With a quick search, currently I’m seeing 4 for sale, but 3 are listed as WC and one is local pickup only.

If you toggle your search to any, you can also see who has sold them in the past. You can check their store page for contact info and maybe find out if they’ll have more available soon.

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Thanks for letting me know! I have been checking the market every day, but as you saw most are wild caught and the other is local. I just checked the “any” option and I found multiple (at least previous) breeders and contacted them! Thank you for your help, hopefully I will find someone soon!

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I will refer you to my post here:

Specifically this:

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Thank you, this is very useful to know, but my main concern with wild caught snakes is that I’m worried about feeding inconsistencies and the ethics of taking it from its natural environment. However I am considering it.