Looking for arboreal snake recomendations

I’ve got a 4 ft long custom vivarium set up for a colony of tree frogs which are on their way out of the animal room and I’m looking for a new occupant who will use the three feet of climbing space and enjoy the little jungle I have planted in it. I’ve looked at Rough Greens as an option though they seem hard to find. I’m an intermediate keeper and feel confident in my ability to handle things like humidity and without an issue but my main concern is size. Ideally I would get a single snake who is interestingly colored and able to be handle without too much fuss. Another option I looked at was a Carpet Python but they seemed a little large for the set up. Any thoughts on that? Thank you for any suggestions!


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I highly recommend a few things, but I also want to point you to this thread:

There are tons of informative options and educated recommendations listed there, I hope it helps.


I also want to add, that a carpet python would enjoy every last inch of your vivarium, but will for sure bulldoze and kill most of your plants. I recommend a smaller species. And possibly one that would enjoy sharing that space with a friend?

I keep thinking thread snake, vine snake, but for the life of me, I can’t think of what they are actually called.


Huh, I had no idea vine snakes were venomous, I’ve been bitten tons by them and never had an issue, I guess there’s different types of Vine snakes with varying degrees of venom??

Either way, they are beautiful and amazing.
As for the thread snake… just get night crawlers lmao.

I’m still not able to think of the snake that is non venomous and looks like the emerald tree boa and the vine snake…


One of the smaller carpets, like a Darwin or Papuan, would be comfortable in that size setup. And they tend to be the most arboreal of the group.

Assuming you can keep the temps low enough for them, rhino rats are a great option. Super arboreal, happy to sit out in the open on display, fairly calm and easy to handle

Other than those quick hits, the other thread linked here should help you out


Hello and welcome to the group! These people here are wonderful! It’s like a family!

So here is a suggestion that I don’t think was made in the previous thread about this very same topic, so here goes…… corn snake. Now before everyone thinks I am crazy, here are my few reasons. From what I have read, corn snakes are mainly terrestrial but some can be and are at least semi arboreal, given the space and height. Corns are great eaters. Corn snakes are hardy. Corn snakes are forgiving if their husbandry isn’t spot on. Corn snakes won’t break the bank food wise. Corn snakes are very mild mannered (of course there are exceptions). Corn snakes are reasonably priced. There is an abundance of color combinations to choose from.

If you don’t want to start with a tiny baby, you can choose one that’s a little older and larger. (Breeder no longer wanted for example.). The possibilities are endless and you can spend as much or as little as you want and still be satisfied.

I have a sweet little albino corn that’s about a year old and I think I am going to utilize a large tall tub I have for the little guy in the next few months and see how he/she ? likes it…… I have found him to be extremely curious and friendly. He will accept his fuzzy and eat it right on my lap! I have the video to prove it! Lol!

Just a thought

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Thank you all for the suggestions and the point to the other thread! This is all very helpful and has given me some more species to research on!

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I know I am I little late but children’s pythons a Simi arboreal and would love a cage that size

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