Looking for black ball python and prices

looking for black ball python and white me and girl friend want one of each to name Ying and yang looking for prices preferably from same breeder plz let me know

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Your best bet for a black ball python is probably a Suma, or maybe a Cinnamon or Black Pastel Suma and a Blue Eyed Leucistic Ball Python for the white one. While we can’t recommend specific breeders on the forum, I would encourage you to start looking through some of the ads using the filters! I’ll grab a few links for you to get you started

BEL - https://www.morphmarket.com/us/search?q=blue+eyed+lucy&cat=2&sort=le&page=1

and actually I’m not really seeing any SUMAS for sale at the moment, but there are multiple other ways to make a black or blackish looking snake


Well the issue with asking for prices is they can vary because there is not just one combo that makes white or black snakes. Super Mojave and Mojave x lesser are probably the most common white snakes on the market so maybe start with that and as for black ball pythons I’d say look into something like a suma but like I said, there are many ways to achieve a all black or white snake so that is why there are many combos on the market.